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Lionel Messi scored twice and set up two more in Barcelona’s table-topping 5-1 win over Real Valladolid at the Camp Nou on Tuesday night.

Barcelona went up early with a nice volley from Clement Lenglet, but Kiko bundled home on the quarter hour after Marc-Andre ter Stegen misplayed a free kick into the box to draw the visiting side level.

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Two moments of Messi magic restored order at the Camp Nou with the Argentine playing a perfect ball into the penalty area for Arturo Vidal to volley home and then curling in an unstoppable free kick shortly after to give Barcelona a 3-1 lead at half-time.

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Messi fired in Barca’s fourth with a superb turn and finish from an Ivan Rakitic pass, firing a low line drive of a volley past Valladolid keeper Jordi Masip before setting Luis Suarez with another sublime assist to reach the final scoreline.

U.S. Soccer is seeking the disclosure of all soccer-related income over the past five and a half years from the 28 players in the women’s national team player pool who filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the federation earlier this year.

Lawyers for the federation filed the motion for disclosure Monday, the same day U.S. Soccer held a press conference to introduce Vlatko Andonovski as the new coach of the women’s national team.

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U.S. Soccer argues that the disclosures, which would cover income from corporate sponsorships and professional teams outside the United States, are relevant to the lawsuit. The motion contends that the two most recent collective bargaining agreements under which the women’s national team operated (the men’s and women’s teams are represented by separate unions and separate collective bargaining agreements) were influenced by that income.

Brazil captain Dani Alves has said international teammate Neymar has the “sensibility of a child” and must change his ways in order to be respected.

Both players are friends and have been teammates at Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, but Alves believes Neymar is not taken seriously.

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“At times, in order not to generate a certain type of sensibility, he retracts,” Alves told Brazilian TV SporTV Grance Circulo when asked about Neymar.

“Neymar is a very sensitive person. Neymar is very affected by many things, and at times many of those are unjust. Neymar has the sensibility of a child. But Ney is not a child, no. He is a man. People have to start learning to respect Neymar. The Ney of the Brazilian team people don’t respect. People only respect you when you position yourself.


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“Ney has already won in football so he can talk and say what he wants. There are a lot that keep talking, commentating and haven’t won anything. That is why I value that he [would] position himself, because when they say something that is not right about you whether it’s [Walter] Casagrande or someone else, you have to stand up for yourself.”

Former Brazil international Casagrande labelled Neymar “spoiled” last year after PSG’s 3-1 loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Neymar, 27, was criticised during the 2018 World Cup in Russia for his diving.

The Brazilian superstar scored two goals in the tournament but criticised by the media, and also from players and fans, for going to the ground easily.

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Dani Alves wants people to start taking Neymar more seriously. David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images
Neymar later admitted he at times exaggerated his reactions after being fouled.

“I always give Ney advice,” Alves added. “One of the things that I did speak with him about is that he should have positioned himself after the [2018] World Cup.

“I told him he should have taken a stance because Ney is the flagship of the Brazil team. He continues to be our flagship. Today he is the most important Brazilian football player and Neymar is among the top in world football. He needs to take a stance because he is in a place where he has to position himself and people have to understand who Ney is, how he thinks, and they have to start to learn and respect Neymar.”

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Alves also said he encourages Neymar to be more vocal and lead by example.

“I believe and say that he has a responsibility with many people and he has to position himself,” he said. “He knows what i think. I speak openly because he already knows that I’ve spoken about this many times.

“Ney has the responsibility ever since he became a reference to children, to other athletes. When you start having that responsibility, you cannot disappoint them. It’s then when you have to take a stance. I always appreciate that.”

“[The income] forms part of the overall context in which the parties have bargained and in which they decided to make the various trade-offs they have made, involving compensation and other items,” the motion states. “It also helps demonstrate the overall value of the [current CBA] for plaintiffs.”

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U.S. Soccer suggests that the disclosure of all soccer-related income could, for instance, confirm that players on the open market would not match the NWSL salaries that are paid by the federation, in addition to their national team salaries. The federation even left the impression that a league that just completed its seventh season would be imperiled without that support.

“Without U.S. Soccer’s agreement to pay the salaries of its marquee players,” the motion stated, “U.S. Soccer doubts the ability of the NWSL to pay them equivalent (if any) salaries or, indeed, to survive as a league at all. U.S. Soccer has been pleased to provide this support, however, as part of its mission to grow the sport of soccer.”

The plaintiffs have argued throughout the process that the NWSL salaries are irrelevant in a dispute about whether the federation pays members of the men’s and women’s national teams equally for their work when employed by those teams. They reiterated that stance Monday.

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“Against this lack of relevance, the court must then weight the burdens and invasion of personal privacy which this discovery would impose on each of the 28 individual plaintiffs,” the response stated. “USSF’s request would require the individual plaintiffs to pore through countless documents and financial records relating to promotional appearances and sponsorships that each may have arranged separate and apart from their employment with USSF, as well as produce their highly private individual tax documents …”

“What can we say about Leo? I’ve run out of words,” Barca manager Ernesto Valverde said. “Every time he gets the ball, something happens. It’s good for us and bad for the opposition. He has a talent that no one else has. It’s not just that he makes thing happen, he sees things no one else does. I’m convinced that what he sees cannot even be seen up in the stands.

“Every day he’s better [after injury], which is obviously good for us. You can see that he’s looking fresher. We’re happy because he’s feeling good and because we’re enjoying how he’s playing.”

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Messi’s teammate Vidal was equally at a loss for words in describing the brilliance of the Argentine.

“Leo showed all the quality he has, when he’s like that the team really feels it,” said Vidal. “We see him every day and he surprises us every day, with the quality he has, he’s from another planet.

“I have no words to talk about Leo, he’s from another world, everything he does, he does well.”

The No. 10 set up teenager Ansu Fati after the break, but the 16-year-old’s shot was kept out by former Barca keeper Masip.

“They are very good and they don’t let you off the hook, Messi worked wonders,” said Valladolid captain Michel. “You just have to applaud [Messi] and enjoy him.”

The win put Barcelona two-points clear at the top of the La Liga table ahead of surprise package Granada, who face Getafe on Thursday.

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